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FM Acoustic was created with the listener in mind. We set out to write art music that is intriguing, enchanting and inspiring. Music that will take you out of your busy schedule and hectic life and cause you to pause and just…listen.

Drawing from pop, rock, jazz, folk, and world music, FM Acoustic has created a beautiful blend of unique song crafting and soulful virtuosity. Live performances are especially a treat, reaching the type of synergy and empathy that only comes with years of playing together. Their songs, the ensemble work and the improvisational ability of this group are all top-notch.

FM Acoustic would be an ideal choice for acoustic and folk festivals, performing arts series and house concerts.

So, grab a cup of java, find a comfortable spot, turn on the CD and enjoy. If you don't have the CD yet, you can purchase it at .

“To one who understands the complex nature of a tone, the innermost secrets of our manifested universe are revealed.” – Liner notes from Ravi Shankar’s Ragas.

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